Traits of the Sirians

All the traits I will be giving here are extracted both from the internet (Youtube and other sources) and my own encounters with beings who originate from Sirius. As far as I know, the internet information is channelled.

On the outside

Mysterious eyes. Oftentimes Sirians have greenish eyes that shine very bright. They oftentimes shade their eyes to enhance the contrast. You have the impression that they look straight through you as if they are scanning for your intentions and psychological patterns.

Body art. Many of them have tattoos or piercings. They appear to be very in touch with their dark sides, which I will come upon later.

Clothing. Edgy, quirky, eccentric, and very artistic. The style is often very gothic/emo/alternative. They exhibit what lives within. Some of them appear to be fashion designers.

On the inside

Spiritual elite. It’s their galactic mission to bring about humanity’s ascension by raising its consciousness – by pursuing awakening at large. They are here to lead humanity towards spiritual liberation, which of course starts with baby steps. They bring in (unconditional) love, wisdom, truth, trust and courage. To assist others in their journeys, they have to walk the path’s themselves first. For that reason, the beginning of their lives is usually quite difficult in terms of loneliness, being misunderstood and misinterpreted. They have a hard time finding their place and people hardly see or appreciate them for who they truly are. After having healed themselves and having done the preparatory work, the Sirian enters a state of service, which feels extremely gratifying. Sirians in a state of service often become spiritual teachers or healers. For example, Jesus, Maria Magdalene, Bentinho Massaro and many other ascended masters originate from Sirius. They tend to embody unconditional love – after having walked their own journeys – and therefore they have the ability to heal humanity. Some of them are spiritual healers, but I also read about them being sexual healers. They appear to be very powerful and talented with regards to their unique gift. Other typical Sirian jobs are musicians, writer, arts.

They have their own beliefs, ideals, values and personal integrity. They tend to live very simple lives from the outside, but within resides a highly spiritual being. Due to their openness, they may listen to all kinds of truths and never push their own onto others, yet deep down they have their own version and this is what they stick with. If they find something from another that suits them, they can also change quickly to something better if need be. Intuitively they are very strong.

Daydreamers. They tend to drift off in a daydream as sometimes their inner life is more interesting than the outer, or what is actually happening. Their imagination is vibrant. They do well with hands-on learning rather than sitting still and merely listening, which can bore them silly. They Enjoy the mystical arts and may resonate with wizards, magic, witches, shamans, priest/priestesses. Sirian children benefit greatly from alternative schools, they are very intelligent but strong enough within to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not be required to learn about it.

Truth is the middle name of a Sirian – they reject falsehood, deception, camouflage, lies and strife for honesty, integrity and justice – they simply gravitate towards the unfurnished naked truth. They relate to the archetype of the spiritual warrior/ peaceful warrior, as they have cut through lots of bullshit and hardship within both themselves and society at large. You can’t fool or manipulate a Sirian. Impossible. They look straight through you.

Authenticity plays a huge role in the life of a Sirian. As said before, they hate unauthenticity, fake fuckers and masks in general. Loneliness oftentimes comes from not have authentic people around. They either spend time with authentic people or they spend time alone. When you make a sincere heart connection with a  Sirian, you will be friends forever – they are very loyal. Once they feel free enough to be themselves they can be very silly or childlike and show a great sense of humour.

Sirians are adept shadow workers – they are interested and in touch with the dark side of life. Many of them went through severe suffering themselves and therefore they can connect with the shadows of others. Embracing and processing the shadow is envisioned as very fruitful – even crucial – for liberation. They want to understand your shadows; they want to understand the life events that shaped your personality. They want to see at which point in life you incorporated the blockages or limiting belief structures. They want to see what is holding you from your full authentic expression.

Hard to approach. Sirians tend to be, silent, or even distant at first sight, but when you get to know them and when they trust & allow you, they open up their hearts. They prefer to maintain a small group of close friends. Although they appear silent and distant from the outside, a lot of processing is going on internally. They see everything, both from the inside and outside – you simply can’t hide. You are being analysed.

They have difficulty expressing their inner emotions so need time to reflect on them to get to the bottom of any problems. Verbal communication can prove to be a bit of a problem because they keep their feelings internalized. They can be easily hurt when people do not live up to their expectations or moral standards and therefore they have a hard time trusting & forgiving people. They prefer to maintain a small group of close, loyal and trustworthy friends. Sirians may have difficulty in relationships and friendships when they expect to be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with the others involved. It is important to work with sharing expectations, ideals, communicating needs and desires to avoid being hurt and disillusioned. They crave to go home, and often have a hard time fitting in, as they are freaky and eccentric. A Sirian is a rebel without a cause and hates any stereotypes, or social classifications.

They tend to be calm, adjusted and controlled. They possess emotional mastery and you won’t find them being impulsive or outrageous in public.

Serious, focussed, strong willed and hard workers. They are known to be highly driven and work very hard to manifest whatever they want. Because their minds are organised and approach goals wholeheartedly, they are masters of manifestation. It’s hard to distract or derail a Sirian.

Metaphysics and technology. Sirius is highly technologically advanced. Consequently, Sirians easily find their way through the rapid technologically advancing society. They are quick learners when it comes to technology.

They integrate both the masculine and the feminine parts of themselves. Both are balanced out.

Connected to whales and dolphins and sea or water in general. They love nature.

Traits from Sirius B are partying and living the inner child. They are less serious and express their joyful side to the maximum.