The road to understanding and wisdom is the road to emptiness

Introductory remark. What you will absorb of this article will depend on your readiness. Some parts of it might resonate later in life. Notice that I can only instil something that you already know from the inside. What I have written down is based partly on own experience and what the gurus in the field attempt to verbalise.

For long I have been thinking that knowledge liberates – in Dutch we say ‘kennis maakt vrij’ – but at this point on my journey I clearly see that knowledge only clouds your vision and keeps you distracted. It might sound debatable, rebellious or even fundamental, and to be honest with you; two months ago I would consider the essay I am writing here as uneducated or perpendicular to human development. But things shifted – from being a man of continual reflection, introspection, analyses and conceptualisation (mind activity so to speak), I started to become more quiet, tranquil, more serene. And it feels great. It feels liberating – I feel expanded. I can relate to many spiritual teachers who claim that every secret lies in silence and that truth can only be found in emptiness – sayings of which only two months ago I would label as ‘for the aged’.

A lot of knowledge you find today on the internet, in books or on the media will give you data, facts, insights, opinions, dogma etc. concerning the world around and within you. Spending time processing these data means that your time, energy and focus will be spent on feeding your conceptual mind by creating images, opinions or visions. Notice that this will only enhance your anchoring, your attachment, to the outside world – you will be perpetually concerned with what is going on the outside. Steadily or incrementally, you will invest in your attachment to the world perceived by your senses, the 3D world, physical reality. Now understand that we have all grown up with this idea that life happens in the physical plane, and our minds (psyche) is the entity designated to manage the relation with this world. Our ego’s (identities) interact with this world as well. There is a reciprocal relationship between the ego and the mind.

We all mature in the search for happiness. Some people are convinced that happiness can be found by being a significant human being, meaning by achievement or by gaining status related to property,  whereas other people think that happiness is found by being a virtuous human being. And there are so much more opinions on this. The problem with the ego considering achievement is the following; the ego will be unhappy either when it gets what it wants, or when it doesn’t get what it wants. When you get what you want, you are probably content or proud for a short while, but when that feeling ceases, you are on the run for the next goal. Along these lines, people who strife for achievement will never be truly happy as they are always on the run, thereby neglecting the present moment. People seem to madly whirl in circles – there are only few who can see through this folly (this is my invitation to break the spell). Oftentimes people become aware of this through suffering. I think that love and happiness, gratitude and contentment, can only be found ‘in the now’ by being fully committed, devoted and surrendered to the present moment. Being absorbed in the mind, that is to say, being victimised by the incessant stream of thoughts, suppresses fulfilment. Gaining knowledge like facts, opinions, visions keeps your consciousness placed in the realm of your mind, in the world of concepts, which will deprive you the experience of (unconditional) love, happiness, peace and freedom. Thus, the task is to simply ‘be’ and ‘feel’ – nothing else. Don’t have, don’t do – just be. Presence or awareness is free, stainless and ever unaffected. Likewise, when you are in a moment of sheer joy, you prevent yourself from thinking, because all sorts of mental activity simply suppress the joy. Silence is more than the absence of words. Become empty and fully surrender that ‘that what is’.

Whereas knowledge typically stands for adding things, gaining more inner freedom, peace, true understanding and wisdom can only be attained by removing things. You might place your question mark at the aforementioned. “But Nico, how can you gain in understanding and wisdom without processing data? Let me explain. There is knowledge that can be fed through the mind as a result of seeing or hearing pieces of information, and there is understanding/wisdom on the other hand, which comes just by sensing beyond the physical plane. This is most commonly referred to as clairvoyancy, claircognizance or ‘receiving downloads’ from the Akashic records – the cloud or the collective consciousness. In my life, I have had several downloads in which I obtained understanding far beyond the scope of my former education. Based on your energetic frequency – your vitality or energy level – you attract your circumstances in terms of people, projects, understanding/wisdom et cetera. This is commonly referred to as the law of attraction or the law of reflection. A few statements with regards to the law of attraction:

-You see what you believe is true. You are continuously filtering all sensory input depending on your social role and upbringing.
-You attract what you think you are.
-Everyone is continuously creating its own reality based on the beliefs about themselves and the world around them.
-You have wealth and abundance to the degree of which you allow it in your life.
-You gain inner clarity or understanding to the degree of your spiritual development.

Oftentimes, your subconscious beliefs or convictions are limiting you from attracting what you want or desire in life. The paradigms you hold in place – whether scientific, religious or spiritual – determine your thriving. The task here is to get rid of all dogma, blockages (sexual, physical, emotional, epistemological, spiritual) and yes, all paradigms as well. For absolute expansion and attraction of limitless possibilities, you have to let go of ALL conceptions in the mind – only then can you abide in the god frequency, the all possible. To put it in extremes, Ramana Maharshi and Bentinho Massaro state that when you think you are the body, you are the body and when you think you are the mind, you are the mind. Somehow, (your) consciousness has identified with both the body and the mind whilst you exist beyond that. The fact that you think you are the mind and or body is an agreement, it aint the truth. The same holds for science – if you hold the rationalists/physical paradigm for the truth, you will only experience this paradigm. To conclude, the human mind contains a certain bandwidth of comprehension concerning the complexity of reality. Reality is not here to satisfy/answer our imagination or brain capacity, meaning that if you clinch to the scientific paradigm, you automatically confine yourself concerning the direct experience of reality. You simply filter. Do you want logic or magic my friend?

The task here is to let go of anything you have been learned throughout the past. Anything? Yes, anything. To embody creation to the fullest, that is to say, to manifest without any restraints, you have to let go of any (sub)conscious belief. While walking your path, thereby raising your frequency, you will notice that prior beliefs or convictions suddenly feel constricted or limiting and you should therefore let them go. Holding on to these beliefs will create fear or anxiety – they will keep you small. You can directly experience which belief or conviction will feed you at a certain moment on your journey; just think of a belief and feel within yourself whether it feels expansive or constricting. Do you feel empowered by that new belief/conviction? Does it bring you joy? Or does it feel suppressive, as something tense, or jail-like? There you go; the body is super intelligent and reliable when it comes to selecting beliefs that are in line with your higher Self. Notice that the healthier you live, the more you will naturally bump up your frequency, and therefore it will be easier to let go of old rubbish of the past. A shining spirit needs a fit body and a strong mind. You should also prepare the body to inhabit the higher frequencies – to do so, search on the internet for ‘raising your vibration’. I have come to terms with the realisation that life is all about letting go – it’s about embracing every form of resistance that comes up. What you fight, you strengthen, what you resist, persists, and what you let go of will transcend. At first, you are probably replacing old beliefs for more nourishing beliefs, whereas at the later stages, it is about the removal off ALL beliefs to embody the god-frequency thereby accessing your full power. You should find comfort with now knowing – be courageous and start a love affair with the unknown. Let go the known or the learned. Carry nothing and be carried by timeless grace. The mechanics of magic is solely about removing your inner resistance. If you dare to let go, you will shift into the direct experience or the embodiment of understanding. Along comes reaping the higher mind’s guidance. The higher your frequency, the more profundity there is to your existential insights and the functioning and creation of reality. You simply transmute insights about for example social group dynamics to mind-blowing epiphanies about the substratum of reality.

To conclude. The higher your frequency, the more wisdom and understanding directly gets downloaded and potentially embodied. Again, this is not fed by the 5 senses – data, facts, opinions and visions enter as sensory input. Your task is to raise your frequency by both being fully absorbed in the present moment, that is to say, to keep mind activity to a minimum, and through systematically deprogramming yourself by removing ALL blockages, dogma and limiting beliefs. Furthermore, remove all investments or engagement in the external world – they will only cause you worry and attachment. Likewise, spend less energy on feeding or propping up the ego as this is an investment as well. The more empty you ‘ll become, the more the silence will speak and the more wisdom and understand will come to you as a result – embody silence and wisdom will follow. . I have gathered some quotes to reinforce this entire essay.

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.’’ – Meister Eckhart (theologist)

“Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear. Out of that water, life arises.’’ – Lao Tzu (Tao)

“Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. This is why we may also call it presence.’’ – Eckhart Tolle

“That knowledge which purifies the mind and heart alone is true knowledge, all else is only a negation of knowledge.’’ – Ramakrishna

“‎Intellect is the knowledge obtained by the experience of names and forms; wisdom is the knowledge which manifests only from the inner being; to acquire intellect one must delve into studies, but to obtain wisdom, nothing but the flow of divine mercy is needed; it is as natural as the instinct of swimming to the fish, or of flying to the bird. Intellect is the sight which enables one to see through the external world, but the light of wisdom enables one to see through the external into the internal world.” – Inayat Kahn (Sufism)

“Do not confuse understanding with a larger vocabulary. Sacred writings are beneficial in stimulating the desire for inward realisation, if one stanza at a time is slowly assimilated. Continual intellectual study results in vanity and the false satisfaction of an undigested knowledge.’’ – Sri Yakteswar Giri