OHM – The yoga and spirituality association of the TU Delft

Together with a few lovely others, I founded the yoga& spirituality student association ‘OHM’. The reasons for this creation were primarily that we both like doing yoga, and secondly, we think that yoga is needed nowadays to prepare students from being caught by this burnout epidemic. Yoga has upgraded our lives, and we want to share that passion with others.

The Name OHM comes from the symbol in physics representing the resistance in an electric wire, our slogan is therefore: ‘resist the stress’. Furthermore, in Hinduism and Buddhism, OHM is a chanting sound. Chanting enhances focus, relaxation, and your spiritual connection, as the vibrations evoked by the sound stimulate different hormone-producing glands in your brain. Bottom line is that we mix and connect knowledge of both worlds; the science-based worldview of the modern West, and the more experiential& experimental education of the mystical yet wise East.

We organise social events, guest lectures, yoga teacher courses, workshops and more. We collaborate closely with Host X, which is the former sports and culture centre of the TU Delft. We are always looking for new members to amp up this refreshing movement, so let me know if you want to get in contact. Are you a yoga teacher? Each Thursday evening we invite internal and external yoga teachers to teach in front of our group. In this way, we give them exposure to gain experience as a teacher or to build their own brand/style potentially. Get in touch for more info.

If you join our community, you will now receive the newsletter about the Yoga Extended schedule, and social activities. Remark: you must have an X-subscription to become a member! Facebook: OHM yoga association Delft

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