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Nico Yoga Recordings

The style is a blend of mostly Pralaya, and Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram yoga. The classes will contain much flow (rhythm and pace). We will open up the entire body. Open body= Open mind. The recordings are available for free:) To follow, you only need a block or pillow. Level: it’s from beginners to pro’s.


Even though he started giving yoga not so long ago, Nicolai’s lessons are of outstanding quality. With a great sense of ‘Nico-humor’ he guides you to a better version of yourself, bringing you on a journey characterized by stretching, balance, positivity, and quite some muscle soreness in the beginning 😉 a must-try if you want to feel better and live efficiently!

Erik Huining, National Javelin Thrower

My first and only goal, when I started followings Nico’s yoga lessons was to increase flexibility. It still is my main goal, but it is also helping me to deal with stress a little better. So besides finally being able to touch the floor while having straight legs, I am also more aware of my emotions. Nico thank you, cannot wait to learn more!

Naomi , TU Delft

Nicos Yoga sessions are one the one hand side as challenging but also grounding as classes of other teachers but special about his classes is that he manages to put a lot of information and guidance for mental, spiritual and physical growth in it. For me, this quality combined with his nice sense of humor rounds the perfect yoga teacher. Highly recommended!

Gregor, Deltares