Nico goes mystic

Walking on the street,
Realising that there is no ‘me’.
Nico is just a bunch of impressions and behaviours,
A string of memories, an accumulation of experiences.
But what is it that lies behind?
Deploying all my life to find,
Something bigger than a piece of mind?

A world that seems too small for me,
wanting to escape from the physical and time boundaries.
Feeling an urge to expand,
and feeling so limited in this 3D-reality
that is presented as a prison – unable for my beingness to comprehend.

Time to wake up Nico,
waking up from this seemingly perpetuating dream.
Time to liberate myself spiritually,
to purify myself spiritually,
It’s time for self-realisation.
Bridging the gap between ego and self,
–which in its perfect form-
boils down to utter reconciliation.

Point of awareness shifting
from somewhere in the belly,
to jumping all the way to my crown.
Still awaiting to notice its omnipresence,
still awaiting my mind to break down.

Finding utter completion inside,
relinquishing from any interactions with the outside.
Observing the external world to dissolve
as it is slowly transitioning from physical to conceptual.
Downplaying the value of all material goods
as the wealth of my inner-being is factual.

Transcending all I have ever had,
all I have ever known,
Feeling alienated to whom I used to be
Gotta sacrifice it all,
to finally coming home.