Morality to transform yourself and humanity

The following content is a result of an interaction of my being with external human beings. The more mature I get, the more I evolve, the more I acknowledge the beauty and importance of moral standards and moral discipline. This post addresses moral leadership, which is either applicable for leaders in the field of politics, spirituality and religion, ideologies, influencers etc., or organisations, companies, unions and nations. I am not preaching the truth – the following is just my point of view. Morality is not an exact science such as mathematics and physics.

If you live a soul-directed life, you probably become aware of these moral guidelines yourself. If you start to turn your senses inward thereby commencing your inner pelgrimage, you get access to all the knowledge and intelligence you will need for your specific human experience. I am not saying to deprive yourself of obtaining information of the external world by either reading books, blogs or by listing to inspirational figures, I am asking you to actualise knowledge, to find out if a piece of knowledge is relevant and true for you.

If you want to fix the world, start with yourself. You can only add value to the world if you have something to give/offer. Therefore, always work on yourself first. It’s both you and the rest of humanity – which of course starts with your inner circle –  thriving on your efforts be to the figurehead. Be a walking vessel in which truth, love, compassion, strength, inspiration and freedom can live side by side harmoniously.

The figureheads should always be an example for humanity

Leadership is doing what you believe is the right thing.

The more evolved you are – whether you are a company, a political party, a human being – the more you should tolerate, accept, and carry burdens of others. The heaviest burdens should rest on the strongest shoulders.

Evolved people are generally more intelligent, stronger, and are capable of receiving and radiating more love. Therefore, they have the ability to carry the less prosperous. Humanity is one holistic organism in which each individual is a microcosm in itself, and the more evolved you are as a person, the more you carry the task of leading others to discover their infinite beauty inside.

True leaders, either in the context of personal leadership or organisational/national leadership, focus on unity instead of segregation – they strive for non-duality (unity) rather than duality. Segregation comes from not accepting an underdeveloped part of yourself as yourself. It comes from not accepting pain, negativity, unintelligence as a part of yourself. Creating a distance between you and inner pain (trauma) or outer pain (non-acceptance, hatred and negativity of others), is a sign that you didn’t utterly process pain in yourself yet. You are still holding on to your pain body, which is a form of attachment. Just as non-forgiveness is holding on to negative emotions of the past.

If you distance yourself from others, you distance yourself from parts in yourself.

If you like to dissociate from others, you dissociate from parts of yourself.

If you either percieve the world around you or yourself as being fragmented/compartimentalised, you are not integrated yet. To grow either  as humanity or as a person, integration and holism should flourish. The system can only grow if balance or harmony is achieved to a certain extend.

If only you can truly love yourself, you can to truly love others.

You can only accept others if you first accept yourself.

Be the light you want to see in the world.

Even if you don’t like your neighbours, practice love of one’s fellow man.

Answer hate and separation with peace, understanding and tolerance. People can only transform if both their basic needs are met, and if they are offered enough personal space and freedom to get rid out of a stress situation.

Fight weapons with flowers first. If this doesn’t work, arm yourself and fight back to sustain yourself.

All external negative influences on you offer a chance for inner transformation

It’s not the outside world which has a negative influence on you; it’s you who allows negativity to influence you. Don’t blame the external world; work on yourself instead. Turn inwards, and let the negativity be fuel for your inner transformation process.

All the negative in the outside world can be used for reflection purposes instead of wasting it to emotional energy like anger, frustration or sadness. If you are able to use emotional energy for reflection and introspection, you are golden. By interfering intelligently, you can either turn the outside world negativity into positivity or you work on self-empowerment, meaning that you will not let the outside world negativity harm your inside world.

The fact that you acknowledge or label events/people/happenings as negative, it means that duality still lives inside you, meaning that you are not fully developed yet. In the divine states of consciousness, there only is non-duality.

Never give up on people. I am not saying to stupidly stick with people in case they have a negative influence on you, I am saying that each human being is on a learning experience and you should provide them with a space in which learning/reflection/improvement is the most preferable option. You as a figurehead should take the lead in the uprising of the collective consciousness.

Keep in mind that by providing answers to those who question, you give rise to short term solutions, which I call pornography. Provide them with the right questions for long terms solutions instead. In this way, you offer a solution space in which the students are encouraged to find their own answers.

Forgiveness. Although I think forgiveness cannot be practiced ­– it has to come naturally/organically – it is utterly beautiful and powerful. It’s of great benefit for yourself, as the inability to forgive comes from holding on to a negative experience in the past – you still clinch to, or identify with, pain that has been inflected on you in the past. Conducted by this mechanism, forgiving is accompanied by an emotional release. Secondly, it’s a sign of achieving a level of love inside yourself. It’s predominantly love and to a lesser degree time that can burn the pain away. Lastly, you probably have come to the realisation that nobody is perfect and that humans make mistakes. People deserve a second chance.

Use the ego for the benefits of others

The ego – the strife for status, importance and significance – has led individuals and humanity to great heights. However, war, suppression and unjustified domination result from the very same ego. Therefore, employ your ego wisely/morally responsible. Don’t measure your success in the number of girls you have fucked throughout your life, the size of your car or the price of your watch. Measure your results in the number of lives you touched, the value you add to the world, the love you radiate, or the wisdom you provide to others instead.

Dominate in terms of love, wisdom and morality. In this way, you use your ego effectively and for the sake of serving others. At first, this will be a challenging process, as the ego run’s on ‘pushing fuel’ – meaning that you have to put in the effort to achieve things. Later, this pushing fuel will automatically be replaced by ‘pulling fuel’ – which is gratefulness. When gratefulness enters your life, everything will happen seemingly effortlessly. Love, wisdom and morality will flow by itself. There is no need to push these values forward. You have now evolved. Gratefulness as a form of gasoline is very pure-hearted.

If people treat you badly/unkindly, they have most probably undergone some suffering either knowingly or unknowingly. Don’t take it personal. Work on cleansing your own intentions instead, as this is what lies within your controlspan. Therefore: ‘imagineer’ yourself – the world will react organically to your transformation. Improving the world starts with yourself.

Build moral-muscle. Especially in the beginning, this can be quite hard. In essence, you have to take some suffering of others. People will treat you unkindly and dump their suffering onto you either knowingly or most probable unknowingly. If they are doing it at will, fight back. If they are doing it unknowingly, make sure they learn from it by answering with love and compassion. Confuse them. In this way, you force them to learn and at the same time you build your moral-muscle. Know that you are the winner, even if you feel like you didn’t fight back. Eventually, they will transform.

The power of intentions

The quality of your intentions/deep motives determines your state of psychological/spiritual  development.

If you become aware of having negative intentions inside yourself, fix them first, turn them into positive intentions, and then interact with other beings. Be the light that illuminates the world.

In case you criticise someone else, in case you want to stop anybody for whatever reason, first check-in with yourself and ask: what are my intentions for offering resistance/blocking/commenting on this person? If you just feel bad/sad and your critique comes from that space of negativity, don’t express yourself. If your critique comes from a place of sincerely helping the other person and you think that your critique will benefit his/her life, then do express yourself.