The following content is direct summary of the book ‘Entheogenic Liberation’, written by Martin Ball MD – a person who is one of my most respected heroes. He is a pioneer in the field of 5-MEO-DMT research and its use for a gearing up towards spiritual liberation, or enlightenment if you will. Martin gave me the rights to post this content on my website:)

Since the culmination in the spring of 2009, of my own personal process of non-dual transformation and liberation, I have focussed on sharing the process and possibility of self-liberation with others. All of the books, articles and essays I have written, al the music and art I have created, and all the interviews I have given, have been focused on sharing what I have learned and experienced regarding non-dual liberation and transformation, as mediated by psychedelic medicines, with a particular focus on the uniquely powerful and profound molecule of 5meo-dmt. I have identified this approach the entheological paradigm. This book explicitly continues these efforts, interests, in not only 5meo-dmt, but also non-dual awakening and transformation has grown dramatically, spurring request for further information and direction from around the globe. At this very moment, emails are awaiting responses coming from Switzerland, Germany, and Spain, and these were received, just within the last hour. Many individuals seek me out for guidance and direction because my approach to these topics is largely unique. It is direct, honest, and grounded in reality. It is also something that is accessible to others and can be implemented by anyone, looking to use psychedelics, for the purpose of non-dual awakening and transformation. As with other books I have written – ‘Being Human’ in particular – this book is intended as a guide. If you want to know how to achieve non-dual transformation for yourself, then this book is for you. If, on the other hand, you want to learn how to be spiritual, religious and ceremonial in your use of psychedelics, than I advise you to put the book down and continue your day, because you won’t find such information here, and in fact, such approaches are critiqued and discouraged. Some of the concepts and details are discussed here were introduced in earlier books, so readers of any of my post spring 2009 books will not note some familiar elements. However, this book is an attempt to combine all the relevant material into a single work while also introducing some new topics that haven’t been fully addressed in my previous works. Whereas being human was intentionally designed to be brief and to the point, this book is detail rich in an effort to present a fuller picture, of just what the process, its challenges and rewards really look like. Its my hope that you will find this book to be the definitive work, not only on the 5 meo-dmt experience, but also on the process of non-dual awakening and transformation, which is here presented as a form of therapy, as opposed to a spiritual practice or discipline. Everything presented here is fundamentally true, to the best of my ability to articulate and express it. There are no speculations, metaphysics, or belief systems involved. As such, this is a book about reality and about you. It is a guide to help you find, encounter and be yourself, free from illusion and confusion. Furthermore, everything presented here comes directly out of my own personal experience and practice. I have personally lived through everything communicated in these pages. As a result, you will not find references to anyone else’s views, models, theory’s or work. This is my presentation of what I have learned and experienced directly in myself and in the context of working with others. I have found clarity and reality within myself and thus see no need to rely on any exterior views, construct or systems of me. Having done it for myself and by myself, I want to share this process with others, in the hope that they might find the courage and clarity to do the same. One of the inspirations for writing this book is that the fact that dualistic confusion and attachment to illusion and believes is so prevalent in not only society at large, but significantly so in psychedelic culture in particular. Psychedelic enthusiast spend great amounts of time and energy promoting believes in and speculations on spirits, entities, astral beings and alternate realities. They focus on issues of prayer, ceremony, ritual and the desire to make everything sacred. There is an ongoing love affair with shamanism and the sacred wisdom of plant teachers. And all of it is tightly wooded to dualistic constructs of self and other, sacred and profane, right and wrong, good and bad. In general, there is a real lack of understanding and clear recognition that it is all the self, and that any sense of otherness is an illusion and projection created by the ego. People use their psychedelics experiences to create grand narratives for themselves and their sense of purpose and connection to the sacred or the other. However, all such attempts are simply story telling and identity making and as such, are all manifestations of the ego. As someone who has vastly promoted non-dual understanding of psychedelic experience and reality, this approach and understanding is relatively unique, and very poorly represented in the field of psychedelic studies and practices. For those who can appreciate it, my work has been a beacon of non-duality, and this book is no exception. For those who can embrace non-duality, this is refreshing and inspiring. For others, attached to dualistic identities, it may be deeply disturbing and challenging. If I weren’t confident in the truth of what I have to share, I would not share it. There is nothing here that I am asking or even encouraging anyone to believe or accept as an article of faith. Everything shared here is open to your own validation and direct experience. What is presented here can help clear out the confusion but unless your are willing to directly undergo the process of self-discovery and personal liberation, it will all just remain an abstract concept. You have the capacity to see through your illusions but only you can do it for yourself, to truly understand your personally need to live through it. Then, and only then, can you know the true nature of being, have the entirety of the fractal fabric of reality, is non other than yourself. Hopefully, you will find this book useful and valid for your own process. This work is for serious self-liberators. If you are not serious. If you are attached your ego and identity, then you will probably find al lot of what is written here, infuriating. If you like being religious or spiritual, your will find this work particularly challenging. So be forwarned. This is a book about how to go about the process of radically deconstructing your illusory self and finding genuine freedom. If that is something you want for yourself, then read on. If not, go out, and enjoy the reality of fortitude, be at your ego, and self-created prison. If you are not committed to truth above all things, then this isn’t for you. If you are not committed to love, than this isn’t for you, if you are not committed to your freedom, than this isn’t for you. But If you are committed and have the courage and determination, to see the process through, what is presented here can profoundly alter your live and your direct experience of being in the world, and fundamentally transform your identity from illusion to truth.