Love vs. Unconditional Love

This is an excerpt of my recent existential insights.

Love is the perpetuating factor of the evolution of mankind. Each individual pursues love – rather subconsciously than consciously – and that is how we meander through life. Human conciousness evolves along this search. The biggest problem with mankind is that we search love as being something external whilst it is abundantly accessible WITHIN ourselves, in the present moment. People whirl madly in circles. We search for love with our head, with our intellect, subconsciously assuming that our identity will gain something. We are conditioned/ inculcated by family and by society at large concerning where to retrieve love – but that is not sincere or sustainable love, as it is full of attachment. According to the teachings of society, you need something in external world to make you happy, meaning that you will rely on it emotionally. This conditional love, or directional love, is attached to something that fades away sooner or later. Unconditional love is not attached to anything – it is innately present in all of us. Unconditional love is our nature.

Attachment means love to external objects, possessions, which will fade away sooner or later. You will also experience fear or worry when you are likely to lose these possessions. True love is about appreciation and not about possession. If you are possessive, find the wound and heal yourself.

Unconditional love feels sustainably orgasmic – it can be experienced as wholeness, completion, unity, existential contentment/fulfilment, utter safety. This feeling brings me back to childhood – feeling 100% secure, protected, and seeing the world without any form of judgement. The only thing you had was the present moment – no thoughts and opinions whatsoever. And if you go deeper than unconditional love, you stumble across ‘beingness’ – a sensation of pure existence, and words lack tremendous accuracy to describe this state of being. It such a fundamental sensation – far beyond thought, conception, and even love – that it could best be described as the nature of physical existence. At a certain moment in your journey, you just want to simply ‘be’. Anything extra feels like a distortion.

Unconditional love can be experienced now! It is here already. The trick is to let go completely. Fully surrender to the present moment thereby devoting yourself fully to the now. Experiencing unconditional love is a passive act, not an active one. Another trick is to remove mental, spiritual, emotional, sexual, epistemological, and physical blockages, as well as limiting belief systems or dogma. It is already abundantly available – the question is whether you can receive. You don’t need to cultivate love – It’s a matter of remembering, unlocking, which is to be attained by peeling off the layers of your trauma and personality. Only the pen that erases can describe love to the fullest. Unconditional love is not related to external objects or people, it’s a state within yourself. We all recognise this state deeply within ourselves. The problem is that we lose connection throughout life with our guidance.

To regain your alignment in life, surrender to the present moment and relax – take down a notch. Your guidance will start talking to you in the form of your ‘emotional guidance system’. Everything that feels good from the inside is true and needs to be followed, and everything that brings you negative emotion pushes you out of alignment. Detachment, separation, loneliness, abandonment are illusions created by lower thought forms that hold very specific energetic imprints. The pain you feel is the longing to be whole, to be love and to be free of any restrictions. The misalignment or hardship is there like a spring – if you are for too long out of alignment you will be catapulted back into alignment. We only suffer to learn. We only suffer to wake the fuck up. We only suffer to bring us closer to unconditional love within. Become conscious/ awake, and exponentialize your learning process. I allege self-awareness to be crucial for growth.

I experience being in alignment as peaceful, content, sharp, clear, stable – this state is your compass through life. This feeling can be found regardless of what’s going on in your external life. Emotions can only distort this state. The word emotion comes from Latin, and etymologically it means ‘to move out or to move’. Movement in essence means that there is a striving, a-not-wanting-to-be-where-you-are, which inherently neglects the present moment, depriving you from the love within.

Try to gain only the knowledge that sets you free, that expands your consciousness, that rises your vibration. All other knowledge only confuses. Embrace not knowing. Embrace emptiness. Facts can only be known or understood, whereas truth can be felt.

Love heals everything. The more you are in alignment, the more you can heal yourself and others.