I abide in truth

Uncompromising and uncorrupted I look within,
Searching for only that which gives me true fulfilment,
that which never fades,
that which is solid as a rock yet pervasive as water,
Inwardly accelerating and expressing the most authentic version known till now –
I can’t avoid an internal slaughter

This bottomless search
of purification,
of ripping off all the masks that I have worn,
ripping out the insincere weeds I expressed,
Parts of me relentlessly razed to the ground
till the very fabric of reality is found.

Peeling off layer after layer,
Going deeper and deeper,
Very keen of discerning all vibrational misalignments,
Conquering with a laser-like directness
Facing each dark corner in the realm my persona,
Nowadays going to the T,
nowadays fully embracing the dark sides that are part of me.
Call me an inner world dweller – not caring a fig of what’s going on outside of me.

Emotional maturity rising,
Being very precise and well-defined lately,
I leave no stone unturned.
Deprogramming myself, wiping the slate clean,
Self-confrontation, truth and love are my gasoline.

The good and the bad marry within.
My light merges with my shadow for harmony,
reconciling the apparent dichotomies,
Simply crushing the lack of internal congruency.

Seeing dentists of biting the countless bullets.
No time for the tangential,
Relentlessly dispelling the unreal,
once seen it can’t be refuted any longer.
Nico again shattered in thousand pieces, dust.
How often can I shed my skin?
Can’t prop up the camouflaging and overcompensation after waking up anymore.
Only in the unfurnished naked truth.
I will lower my anchor.

A peaceful warrior armoured with a pen,
Although I know that truth can only be written
by the hand that erases
leaving no traces.