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Corona Webinars / Real life seminars

In these sessions, I try to inspire, stimulate and share knowledge. I like to crack people’s minds, by  breaking up the usual (limiting) patterns, and to consequently show people that there are other ways/methods on how to see and deal with certain situations, other people, and predominantly yourself. If requested, I will give some exercises during the webinar, or homework afterwards, to ingrain the lecture material. The results will be more profound; I can tell you that from experience.

A list of subjects I cover:

  • Yoga and its application in daily life
  • Stress reduction and burnout recovery
  • Morality to transform yourself, and humanity
  • The six human needs – how to gain insight in your behaviour and how to change it
  • Trauma release
  • Health – nutrition, sleep, relaxation
  • Empowering relationships – romantic and friendship
  • Psychedelics
  • The power of the heart/intuition – also called ‘soul directed-living’
  • The ABC’s of spiritual enlightenment
  • Change your mental state and where to focus on
  • Your topic? Contact me! I am open for discussion.
    (see my blog, poetry and videos, under tab ‘CONTENT’
    for my topic direction)


Language: Dutch/Enlish

Location: TU Delft, your home, other (to be negociated)

The words of wisdom Nico provides after his yoga classes are always interesting. Somehow there is always something useful inside, even though I have the impression of not understanding it to the full depth. Usually his wisdom is for the more advanced students or people who have gained some life experience already.

Philip, PhD TU Delft

Nico combines knowledge with inspiration. Thanks to him I dare to be more authentic, to trust who I really am. I needed him to accept parts of myself I wasn’t happy with. Besides, he is just a fun guy whom you can have a good laughter with.

Erica, Student TU Delft

Nico is a funny yet very sharp and honest guy. By securing the groups emotional safety, emotions were able to reach the surface. He creates an open place for people to be themselves. Thank you.

Chian, Student TU Delft

Nicolai talks from experience and you can feel that. Sometimes he doesn’t have to talk to get its message across. Very inspiring and stimulating in particular.

Derk, Student TU Delft