Let me receive what I need to receive at this moment-
I ask for the blessed, neither the good, nor the bad.
I am open to everything that is.
I totally surrender to that what is.
Reality at work is the loss of the ego.

The negative serves as food for growth.
I will employ my honesty and courage
to walk the path towards the very end.
I will make every sacrifice needed to meet the divine.

With true loyalty, I do the best I can.
With true devotion, I give everything I have.
Set me free by the recognition of the unchanging.
Liberate me by mesmerizing my true self.
Day-to-day I will keep my conscience clean
and gratefulness will be my main source of gasoline.

I will pay close attention to the signs and
I will accept the symbols of life as the only teacher.
Integrity to the universe is my main priority.
Hear my quest to begin
and may truth set me free
to realise the god within.