Dionysian life

The multifaceted life,
With its inexpressible depths,
It’s savagery without mercy,
It’s required misery which precedes creation,
The tragic contrast within al things – to be worshipped as divine.

The primal wildness of being,
Replenishing the life that was in danger of dying,
Restore the dignity and capacity for heroism,
Everything always has its opposite within itself –
the will to live will eternally affirm itself.
The expressed beauty has suffering beneath the service.

Creation and destruction,
Horrors of the night and the heights of bliss,
Enraptured love meets devastating love sickness,
To join together the peak and abyss,
The mystic temple and hall of doom,
Ecstasy and terror,
Life and death –
It’s the complete affirmation of the totality of being,
The will to life, the saying YES to life – a healthy life.

Paradox and duality in perfect harmony.
The fullness of life and the violence of death are the same.
Praise the lord of Dionysius, the lord of tragic contrast.
His coming brings madness – as eating raw flesh
Rip them loose from their peaceful domesticity, the humdrum orderly activities of daily lives.

The horrible, evil and problematic aspects of existence are necessary and we should affirm them as a highly desirable part of the whole – Friedrich Nietzsche

The pangs of the woman giving birth consecrate all pain – similarly all becoming and growing, involves pain. If only we could see this, embracing the suffering would be our nature.

Amor fati