Channelings of Jesus


I hereby share the transcribed version of the ‘Channellings of Jeshua’. According to some, Jeshua was the real name of Jesus. I asked this beautiful and very intelligent lady (PhD in philosophy) – Pamela Kribbe – for permission to post her channelling on my website, and happily I got it. The reason why I share this text is that these words resonate with my inside and what I like to radiate towards others.

‘Channelling’ is as old as mankind. While performing this practice, a human being functions as a channel on which a vibration/energy can be received. Consequently, this human being transmits this message to other human beings. There are different types of channelling and different ways in which an individual can be used as a channel. Some channelling for example comes through automatic writing or the creation of music; others may tone or speak the information presented in the moment. There are also different levels on which the channelling takes place. A full trance channel is someone who loses consciousness of present time and may become the sacred vessel, as it were, for the other-dimensional energy to come through. These people usually have no recall of what took place, the information being recorded by others present.

There are many people who are able to receive messages from spirits, entities and extra-terrestrial beings. I have heard many different people talking about civilisations on the stars Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. Pamela is not the first who channels the ‘Christ Energy’; others with paranormal capacities came up with roughly the same narrative while connecting to this energy field. These people are not crazy – they are gifted. Embracing instead of rejecting the unknown allows you to continuously reshape your philosophical framework. 

Jesus was an enlightened being. Several sources confirm that he has travelled across India during his ‘unknown adolescent years’ – the years before he started his spiritual leadership in Israel. Many of the transcribed content below corroborates with the teachings of Osho, Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. In fact, the book ‘the surprising similarities in the statements of Buddha and Jesus’, written by Marcus Borg, convinced me that, on a fundamental level, there exists only one spiritual teaching. 


Content of Jeshua’s channelling

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I love you like a brother and a friend. Many of you have been so influenced by traditional religion that you still look upon me as a master, a teacher, far removed from earthly life and human emotion. You deify me, you make a god of me, but my deepest wish is to be next to you, very near, like a friend, like a relative. We are part of one family, and the main reason I love to be with you and spend time with you -through a channel – is to enjoy your company, enjoy our being together, and to share the love that exists between us. Whenever I am present at a workshop, I celebrate you, I celebrate being together with you. I want you to feel like you are coming home after a long and hard journey and you can relax for some time. Be yourself, not struggle with yourself and with life. So, the workshops in which I am present have the aim of welcoming you home, remembering who you really are, and whatever topic I really speak about, this is always the main reason for coming together – remembering your true self, connecting with your own souls wisdom, so that you understand your true strength and start to receive inner messages about your life. The more you feel relaxed and at home with yourself, the easier it becomes to speak with your own soul, and to know deep within what your next step is in life. So always, my main purpose is to create an energy, an atmosphere of joy, relaxation, letting go, and then, the magic starts. You can feel your own joy and inspiration again, and this is your truest guide.

I know that you like to have answers from beings like me – answer about what to do with life, what to do with work, relationships – but the deepest answers will always come from you, from the inside, and it is my aim to connect you with your own inner source of truth, because that is the best guide you will ever find in your life. Many of you are looking for a sense of purpose in your life. Whatever you go through, if you go through difficult challenges, when you sense that there is a meaning and depth to what you go through, it becomes easier to bear, and you can even find a purpose in it, and a sense of liberation. That is why it is so important to get in touch with your soul’s wisdom or soul’s perspective. This can lighten your greatest challenges. When you connect with your soul, you can sense that there are bigger powers at work than just your human personality, that you are not alone and do not have to fix your life by yourself. There is a greater flow of energy coming from the universe, coming from your soul, which envelops you, which carries you, and the more you rely on this bigger flow, the easier your life becomes. It can truly be joyful on earth, and it is one of your purposes in this life to experience this; that life does not have to be a struggle, that you can trust and rely on the forces of life to carry you and help you.

I am with you always. We are connected through the Christ energy. The Christ energy is alive. You are a source of the Christ energy just as much as I am. And it is through the mutual connection of all of our souls, all of these candles together, create a warm light – a light of freedom, compassion and hope. Please, join in with me. Whether you will be there at a workshop or not, it doesn’t matter. We are connected beyond the physical. Feel this connection, feel at home. You are safe. You are not alone.